Podcast: The Sound Lab (06/07/16)

Hello, hello, hello! And here we are again, another week, another podcast packed with awesome music! From Asylums to Dead Letter Circus, from The Temper Trap to Star One, Sound Lab host Jim Garrett provides you with a fantastic mix, and also with an interview with Mallory Knox! Plus this week, be in with a chance to win a copy of Heel‘s latest album!

Set It Off – Something New

Asylums – Second Class Sex

Muncie Girls – Respect

Heel – Nothing New

The Decline – You Call This A Happy Meal

Star One – Original Badman

The Hunna – Bonfire

The Temper Trap – Lost

White Lies – Take It Out On Me

Matt Johnson – Get Over You

Imani Williams – Don’t Need No Money

Hockey Dad – So Tired

Argument City – Spirit Of 58

Dead Letter Circus – In Plain Sight

Wolf Hoffmann – Night On Bald Mountain

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New Podcast: The Sound Lab (29/06/16)

Hello! We have another Podcast bought to you by The Sound Lab, hosted by Jim Garrett, featuring some great music by Dizzy Rascal, Rizzle Kicks, Nova Twins and many more, and on top of that an interview with Twin Atlantic! You can find the full playlist below:


Albin Lee Meldau – Let Me Go

Dizzie Rascal – Hype

Axel Jansson – Two Of A Kind

Black Dylan – Hey Stranger

Rizzle Kicks – Always Late

Lost Songs – Give You The Night

Risa Hall – Kids On Victoria Avenue

The Bluebook Project – Pockets Of Dirty Change

Nova Twins – Hit List

Fais – Hey

Ghosts Of Our Former Selves – The Glass Part 2

Tax The Heat – Stood On The Platform To Leave

Ward Thomas – Carry You Home

Tytania – Let It Go

Interview with Twin Atlantic

Enjoy the show!

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The Sound Lab: Podcast (22/06/16)

So here we are with another Sound Lab podcast from host Jim Garrett, yet again boasting some excellent music from Primal Scream, Deap Vally, Passenger and more, plus an interview with Escape the Fate and quite an interesting version of AC/DC’s ‘Dirty Deeds’ by The Lounge Kittens. Quite the busy one!

Grab yourself a brew, have a good listen and we hope you enjoy the show!

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New Podcast: The Sound Lab UK (08/06/16)

So here we are again with another great Podcast from The Sound Lab! This week, host Jim Garrett brings you music from Monster Truck, Shinedown, Skunk Anansie and much more, plus an interview with Dead!


So listen, enjoy and let us know what you think!



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Smashin’ it up!

So I was at a Nirvana tribute band the other week, and it was rather good, actually. The band were charismatic, the crowd was lively, and the mosh pit followed etiquette nicely (Always help up the fallen). All in all, a nice gig. At the end, the lead let us know he knew it was a good ‘un by taking his guitar and thwacking it off various parts of the stage. We cheered. We clapped. We left happy. Nice one.

Nirvana tribute

Novana at the o2 Acadamy 3

I got home and started thinking. I haven’t managed to see many bands lately smashing up their instruments or going totally wild on stage. In the past I’ve been to some great gigs, though. I’ve danced on stage with some bands and sang my heart out until my voice disappeared with others… ahh, yes, I have had some good times. But I’m curious. I want to know about you. I want to know about the messiest, most fun gigs you’ve been to. I’d like to hear off you if you have fond memories of your favourite band or a band you’d never heard of giving you a top night. I’d like tales of stuff-smashing. I’d like pictures of drink-dropping. The best gig you’ve been to. Give us a tale in the comments or tweet us your pics here!

mosh pit

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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New Podcast: The Sound Lab

So we’ve got something different for you here at MOSH… As of this week we have teamed up with The Sound Lab to bring you a weekly podcast, covering the hottest acts in the UK!


With music from bands such as Iodine Sky, Spring King and featuring an interview with Young Guns, this is one podcast to check out!

Podcast Bands

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An Introduction to: Stone Broken!

So this next band are something interesting indeed. Having not long ago commenced the beginning of a mammoth tour, and having just recently been nominated ‘Best New Band’ at the Planet Rock Awards 2016, Stone Broken are already making bold imprints. Take a listen to their music, and you’ll see why.

Stone Broken


Stone Broken are a four piece from Walsall, describing themselves as hard rock, which is pretty bang on. With Rich Moss on lead vocals and guitar, Keiron Conroy on bass and vocals, Chris Davis on guitar and vocals, and Robyn Haycock on drums and vocals, it’s no wonder they’ve caught some pretty serious attention. They manage to combine a tight sound with a punchy attitude which displays a good band chemistry, and packs a hell of a punch along the way. Stone Broken have a ten track debut album recorded, ‘All in Time’, which is available, along with various band merchandise, from the site’s store. Plus, if you sign up to the band’s mailing list, you can enjoy a free download of ‘Not Your Enemy’, the second single from their album.

Stone Broken Tour

With their tour underway, going as far as the Wildfire Festival , Scotland and as near as The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, and with new single ‘BETTER’ out on the 16th May, there are plenty of chances and very good reason for you to catch a gig by these guys. You can keep up to date with what they’re up to on Facebook, as well. Stone Broken seem to be doing it all right, and they are one busy band. So go and have a look at what the fuss is all about!


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An Introduction to: Cower, Hounds!


Busy? It doesn’t matter. Stop what you’re doing, grab yourself a set of earphones and a bevvy and spare a few minutes for Cower, Hounds! You’ll be doing yourself a favour. Up next on the ever-growing list of bands to look out for in the Midlands, these guys have kept the bar comfortably raised, and once you’ve heard them, you’ll understand why.

Cower Hounds Logo


With their new single A.I.M still fresh in the bag and available to buy on iTunes, and a few more solid titles, which can be heard on their album …Or Die, behind them, three piece band Cower, Hounds! are ones to look out for.They are a sort of mix between alternative rock and the raw side of grunge, yet it’s hard to put a definitive label on them. The energy is doubtless, mind, and the music is fresh and interesting.  We have Andy (Fordy) Ford on Bass, Paul (Messy) Reynolds on Vocals and Guitar, and Rob (Robot) Stimpson on Drums, and if you like what you hear below, you can check out their YouTube channel here. Cower, Hounds have played live shows around the Midlands including the Giffard Arms, Wharf Bar and the Tap & Tanner, boast a hefty following around Walsall, and have much more in store for you!


Cower Hounds 1

Paul Reynolds, Andy Ford and Rob Stimpson.

You keep track of what Cower, Hounds! are up to via their Facebook page, and I’d highly suggest keeping an eye on when they’re next gigging, as they put on a great live show. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and keep the audience entertained throughout. So listen, enjoy, and then get down the pub and check them out!


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An Introduction To: MeMe Detroit!

So there’s a bit of a buzz surrounding this next artist, and it’s getting louder and louder. If you like your PJ Harvey and your Smashing Pumpkins and don’t mind casting your mind back to the 90’s for the afternoon, MeMe Detroit is the one.

meme detroit

With her debut album ”Live to love you’ll Love to live’ (try saying that quickly when you’re drunk) out now boasting positive reviews around the board, MeMe Detroit is are definitely on a roll. Songs such as the punchy, high tempo ‘Stand up you’re living’ and the rather grungy ‘A point of you’ stand out as tight, well constructed titles which are sure to set her apart from the crowd. The album is available from the website, where you can listen to more songs, and also from iTunes. MeMe Detroit has played around the country, from London to Birmingham. The next gig being the Actress & Bishop, and in preparation for her next video, has invited gig goers who can get to Brum on the 17th April to join in.


So with live gigs lined up, a debut album out and a host of music videos available for viewers to watch, MeMe Detroit seems be doing it right. You can keep up to speed on news from the artist on Facebook.


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An Introduction to: Guts for Glory!

I’d like you to meet a band that mean business. A band that, over the past couple of years have gone from strength to strength. I’ve seen these guys live and they know how to get the crowd going. Mind, they’re not for the faint hearted…

guts for glory


Hailing from Wolverhampton and formed in the Summer of 2014, Guts for Glory are on the up and up, with a mean line up and even meaner songs. Frontman Rich Austin takes the centre stage,and then there’s lead guitarist James Gould, rhythm guitarist Wayne Mann, Alex Harvey on bass and last but not least, drummer Dan McNally. They have quite the following, keeping their fans up to date on their Facebook page, and have played shows all around the Midlands. Playing small to large, from the Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton, to the 02 Academy3 in Birmingham, Guts for Glory know their roots, and how to build up a rappor with the audience, sharing jokes and interacting well. They still have a bunch of gigs lined up, and you can keep up with where and when they are playing here.

If you like what you hear from their YouTube channel, then you might want to get in on buying their album, Fairy Tales. Released on the 23rd January of this year, and featuring songs such as ‘Play with the Devil’ and ‘Eye for an Eye’ Fairy Tales is available in both hard copy and as a digital download, you can get the 11 track album from their website for as little as £4.

guts for glory album art


So if you like your music heavy and you’re wanting something new to listen to, go check out Guts for Glory. Try to catch them live if you can. You won’t be disappointed.


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