MeMe Detroit: ‘Soc Med Junkies’ Launch – Actress & Bishop

MeMe Detroit

The energy was sky high last Thursday, and despite the seemingly endless wind and rain, the Actress & Bishop was the place to be, even if you had to get there in a sailboat. MeMe Detroit is back, with a fresh new song, and she is launching it in style!

I wrote about MeMe Detroit a while back, and had a feeling I would be hearing more from her. Indeed, she has been busy, and is currently on tour around the country. Thursday kicked it off, and you could feel the atmostphere in the crowd. Selfies, jumping, audience singing… this was not a gig you were going to get away with standing still.

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Released 30th March, Soc Med Junkies is a thought provoking take on our reliance on the hoards of Social Media networks out there, with a tongue in cheek video that showcases just how much we all rely on our phones. Watching it kinda makes you question… is it merely a culture or has it all evolved into a weirdly accepted dependence? Can we stop if we really want to?

Check it out:

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