Podcast: The Sound Lab (10/08/16)

Alright there, how are you all? I hope you’re ready for another dose of brilliant music! Bought to you by Sound Lab host Jim Garrett, we have tunes from Skillet, Mystery Jets, River Nelson, Lit like Vegas and much more, with this week’s interview being with Grumble Bee! Hope you enjoy the show!

Bright Light Bright Light – Symmetry Of Two Hearts

The Society – begging

Opal Blue – Feed Me To The Lions

Pete Gardiner – Prety Smiles

Skillet – I Want To Live

Mystery Jets – The World Is Overtaking Me

King 810 – I Aint Going Back Again

River Nelson – More

Ethan And The Reformation – Hollandia

Overmono – Olchon Flows

Chris Ilett – More, More, More

The Sad Song Co – Legacy Of Love

Sertraline – Change of Heart

Shaima – Spread The Love

Lit Like Vegas – Drawing All The Lines

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