An Introduction To: MeMe Detroit!

So there’s a bit of a buzz surrounding this next artist, and it’s getting louder and louder. If you like your PJ Harvey and your Smashing Pumpkins and don’t mind casting your mind back to the 90’s for the afternoon, MeMe Detroit is the one.

meme detroit

With her debut album ”Live to love you’ll Love to live’ (try saying that quickly when you’re drunk) out now boasting positive reviews around the board, MeMe Detroit is are definitely on a roll. Songs such as the punchy, high tempo ‘Stand up you’re living’ and the rather grungy ‘A point of you’ stand out as tight, well constructed titles which are sure to set her apart from the crowd. The album is available from the website, where you can listen to more songs, and also from iTunes. MeMe Detroit has played around the country, from London to Birmingham. The next gig being the Actress & Bishop, and in preparation for her next video, has invited gig goers who can get to Brum on the 17th April to join in.


So with live gigs lined up, a debut album out and a host of music videos available for viewers to watch, MeMe Detroit seems be doing it right. You can keep up to speed on news from the artist on Facebook.


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