Black Country Bands – How has Midlands music dealt with the after-effects of lockdown?

The West Midlands has been a hub of creativity for years. Slade, The Wonder Stuff, and the mighty Ozzy Osbourne are just a few of the musicians that had their beginnings in Birmingham and the Black Country. 

Birmingham museum and art gallery even has a project called Home of Metal, proudly displaying exhibitions and celebrating music born in and around the city. Home of Metal has grown tremendously from its roots as a humble 2007 display at Walsall art gallery, and is currently working on a historic 80s punk project called ‘At the Mermaid’.   

But what about the current local scene? With music venues feeling the afterburn of lockdown, and the cost of living tightening potential gig-goers pursestrings, it is not easy for musicians to get by, within what was already a challenging field to conquer. 

I spoke to local musicians Cower, Hounds!, Meth Club 7, and Suzi Ashton to see how much their livelihoods had changed in the time since the pandemic.

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