An Introduction to: Cower, Hounds!


Busy? It doesn’t matter. Stop what you’re doing, grab yourself a set of earphones and a bevvy and spare a few minutes for Cower, Hounds! You’ll be doing yourself a favour. Up next on the ever-growing list of bands to look out for in the Midlands, these guys have kept the bar comfortably raised, and once you’ve heard them, you’ll understand why.

Cower Hounds Logo


With their new single A.I.M still fresh in the bag and available to buy on iTunes, and a few more solid titles, which can be heard on their album …Or Die, behind them, three piece band Cower, Hounds! are ones to look out for.They are a sort of mix between alternative rock and the raw side of grunge, yet it’s hard to put a definitive label on them. The energy is doubtless, mind, and the music is fresh and interesting.  We have Andy (Fordy) Ford on Bass, Paul (Messy) Reynolds on Vocals and Guitar, and Rob (Robot) Stimpson on Drums, and if you like what you hear below, you can check out their YouTube channel here. Cower, Hounds have played live shows around the Midlands including the Giffard Arms, Wharf Bar and the Tap & Tanner, boast a hefty following around Walsall, and have much more in store for you!


Cower Hounds 1

Paul Reynolds, Andy Ford and Rob Stimpson.

You keep track of what Cower, Hounds! are up to via their Facebook page, and I’d highly suggest keeping an eye on when they’re next gigging, as they put on a great live show. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and keep the audience entertained throughout. So listen, enjoy, and then get down the pub and check them out!


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