An Introduction to: Guts for Glory!

I’d like you to meet a band that mean business. A band that, over the past couple of years have gone from strength to strength. I’ve seen these guys live and they know how to get the crowd going. Mind, they’re not for the faint hearted…

guts for glory


Hailing from Wolverhampton and formed in the Summer of 2014, Guts for Glory are on the up and up, with a mean line up and even meaner songs. Frontman Rich Austin takes the centre stage,and then there’s lead guitarist James Gould, rhythm guitarist Wayne Mann, Alex Harvey on bass and last but not least, drummer Dan McNally. They have quite the following, keeping their fans up to date on their Facebook page, and have played shows all around the Midlands. Playing small to large, from the Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton, to the 02 Academy3 in Birmingham, Guts for Glory know their roots, and how to build up a rappor with the audience, sharing jokes and interacting well. They still have a bunch of gigs lined up, and you can keep up with where and when they are playing here.

If you like what you hear from their YouTube channel, then you might want to get in on buying their album, Fairy Tales. Released on the 23rd January of this year, and featuring songs such as ‘Play with the Devil’ and ‘Eye for an Eye’ Fairy Tales is available in both hard copy and as a digital download, you can get the 11 track album from their website for as little as £4.

guts for glory album art


So if you like your music heavy and you’re wanting something new to listen to, go check out Guts for Glory. Try to catch them live if you can. You won’t be disappointed.


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