An Introduction To: The Assist!

One of the most explosive bands to come out of Walsall this year, almost with an audible bang even, is up and coming rock band The Assist. It’s been an extremely busy year for these boys so far, and in true rock and roll style, they are absolutely loving it.

The Assist.

The Assist.

You may have heard the name crop up a fair few times if you’re local. They only went and sang the official Walsall FC anthem when the Walsall team made it to Wembley this year, and have gained recognition for their catchy songs, carefree attitude and making it all look like a right laugh. When I worked briefly in the Wharf Bar, The Assist did two great dj sets, very brit-pop, which you can tell influences their own material.

With brothers Mikey and Ryan Stanton on vocals and guitar, and Jak Baker and Ben Faulkner on Bass & Drums, they are touring, touring, and touring some more, travelling all around the country and playing the hell out of England. You can listen to more of their stuff by checking out their Soundcloud, and then I highly suggest you write one of these gig dates down, or keep your eye out for when the name pops up locally, because you’re in for a treat.

The Assist Tour Dates


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