An Introduction to: Craig Pate!

One of the reasons why I love being involved in the independent music industry is that feeling you get at a local gig once in a while… you know, when you spot that act that stands out, that makes you put your glass down and cock your ear… that makes you think ‘Why have I not heard this before? Who is this?!’ We have such an artist to introduce, here at MOSH! This one, I remember spotting at an open mic last year and thinking ‘He’s got some potential, he has’. He most definitely stood out a mile, and this year, he appears to be proving me right. If you haven’t heard of Craig Pate yet, get your earphones in and start listening. 


Going solo as an acoustic artist in 2014, Craig, from Wednesbury, has been going from strength to strength, making appearances alongside top acts in local festivals such as Fudgestock at the Robin 2 in Dudley, and the Dementia Aware Fest at The Roadhouse in Birmingham, as well as appearing at numerous open mics around the region. He has also given a performance on Reverb Live, which was broadcast on local TV station Big Centre TV, and he still manages to find time to host his own open mic at the Tap & Tanner in Walsall, the very place where I used to work and also the very place where I first saw one of his sets.

With a distinctive, grungy sound, strong vocals and an EP released, it’s easy to see why he is taking the Midlands by storm. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Craig in the near future. You can hear more of his music by checking out his YouTube channel, and his EP – ‘Worthwhile’ is also available on Spotify and iTunes. Below is his latest original single ‘Traces’. Happy listening!

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