Smashin’ it up!

So I was at a Nirvana tribute band the other week, and it was rather good, actually. The band were charismatic, the crowd was lively, and the mosh pit followed etiquette nicely (Always help up the fallen). All in all, a nice gig. At the end, the lead let us know he knew it was a good ‘un by taking his guitar and thwacking it off various parts of the stage. We cheered. We clapped. We left happy. Nice one.

Nirvana tribute

Novana at the o2 Acadamy 3

I got home and started thinking. I haven’t managed to see many bands lately smashing up their instruments or going totally wild on stage. In the past I’ve been to some great gigs, though. I’ve danced on stage with some bands and sang my heart out until my voice disappeared with others… ahh, yes, I have had some good times. But I’m curious. I want to know about you. I want to know about the messiest, most fun gigs you’ve been to. I’d like to hear off you if you have fond memories of your favourite band or a band you’d never heard of giving you a top night. I’d like tales of stuff-smashing. I’d like pictures of drink-dropping. The best gig you’ve been to. Give us a tale in the comments or tweet us your pics here!

mosh pit

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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