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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I’d like you to take a second to read about this band I discovered, if you wouldn’t mind. They are named Under a Banner, and they are really quite good. 

Based in Wolverhampton, Under a Banner are described on their website as a ‘Powerful, passionate and poetic’ alternative rock band, and while that is a pretty bold description, I can’t think of a better way to explain their style. They have 2 albums out, and the first  release, ‘The Ragged Rhythm of Rain’, is available throughout January to download for whatever price you would like here. Their second album, ‘Close to the Clouds’, is receiving great reviews across the board, and rightly so.


These guys have been a very busy band. With Adam Broadhurst on vocals and guitar, Jake Brooks on guitar, Simon Hill on bass guitar, Kat Davis on keyboard and Tim Wilson on percussion, Under a Banner have achieved a nice, sort of folk rock sound whilst keeping it interesting and varied. This has proved popular with fans, and the band are going from strength to strength. They’ve achieved a lot over the past three years, with their second album release, radio airtime across dozens of stations including Stafford FM and Wyldwood Radio, a massive following on Twitter and Facebook and a not long ago released music video to top it off. ‘Numbers’ is Under a Banner’s latest release, and is guaranteed to stick in your mind with its catchy hook and strong vocals.

Boasting an ever-growing UK fanbase, and gaining rapidly in Western Europe and North America, Under a Banner seem to be on an unstoppable path. If you want to see them live, you won’t have long to wait, either. Their next gig will be supporting Quill at the Robin 2 on Saturday 21st February, and I’d highly recommend that you check them out. With well written lyrics, great vocals, talented musicians, and a nice unique style, these aren’t ones you want to miss. – Jo

Under a Banner on the set of the music video for Numbers.

Under a Banner on the set of the music video for Numbers.


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